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The secret of immortality?
Continuous innovation that is respectful of tradition.

Like the craftsman inside the palace made a utensil to satisfy the needs of the court cook and to display the wealth of his lord, so our master coppersmiths continue this tradition with the same passion and dedication of olden times.

The heat of the flame used during the tinning process, the craftsman that on the lathe turns a metal disk into a special item, the firm beat of the hammer that enriches it and makes it stronger, will always live with the object ensuring you and future generations the pleasure of the art of good living.

Because every life is special, to respect your health and the environment we use innovative and certified materials, banning chemical processes and using only recyclable and eco-friendly products.


Back in the 1st century A.C. Apicio, in his manuscript “de Arte Coquinaria”, described the importance that copper had in kitchen tools.

Chefs have always favoured this metal because it is the best for cooking; its conductivity 392Wm°K is great if compared to aluminium 225° and stainless steel 16°. This feature allows heat to spread evenly and consistently on the entire surface of the cookware.

The ideal temperature is reached rapidly and transfers evenly from the bottom of the pan to the sides. The perfect control of temperature is guaranteed even when poured.

Flavours and nutritional values remain unchanged and the food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan, avoiding hot spots and burning.

It is indespensable for the perfect outcome of recipes that require long cooking time such as gravy, custard, sauce, and also to sauté and to braise. Copper has great resistance to corrosion because of its natural oxidization that protects it.

THE PRODUCT. Our philosophy is to produce professional items, without frills, as we privilege usefulness, simplicity of use and precise finishing touches. Like when pursuing good results in cooking, to produce our products we believe the choice of the ingredients and working method to be fundamental.

THE COPPER is purchased only from certified suppliers and the thickness is specified depending on the article purpose and on the type of cooking.

THE TIN is produced specifically for our company, with the most advanced technologies of refining to guarantee the highest purity and to compliance with international regulations.

THE HANDLES are produced in brass with the ancient method of mold melting. The choice of the handles occurs on the basis of the individual products.

THE RIVETS are very thick and are made in steel alloys not to be subjected to slow but irreversible corrosion.

THE PACKAGING is made with recyclable materials and chemical procedures are banished in all the phases of manufacturing.

is the essential finishing touch to the art of the coppersmith. Tin offers the advantage of bonding perfectly with copper, so there isn’t just an overlapping of metals, but a perfect welding. The method used in our factory, although not visible, guarantees a perfect tinning, extremely durable and lacking in impurities.

THE MANUFACTURE of turning, hammering, tinning and shining are made manually to guarantee the highest quality of finishing, while the pressing is done with modern machines.

THE COOK’S TEST. We believe we are great coppersmiths, not great cooks, so, as you can notice in the following pages, we make use of the cooperation and input of grand-cuisine experts.

HAVE YOU UNDERSTOOD how our products are made and how much passion our team puts into our job? We hope so, but we are available to answer any further questions you might have...One request. Please don’t ask us to make low quality items, articles that have only the outward look of copper or cooktools that are lined with chemical procedures. That is not the Ruffoni way. Thanks.

In 1931 grandfather Antonio made his first copper pan; Ruffoni Company was born in 1962 of the love towards copper of its founder Fremide (Antonio’s son).

The Ruffoni Company was born in Omegna, for centuries the land of coppersmiths and smelters.

Located on the shores of the fairytale Lake Orta, it is separate from Switzerland by the Piedmontese Prealps and close to rice crops and vineyards that have made Piedmont famous throughout the world.

These were years of hard work, that allowed the achievement of superior quality and the fulfilment of all international safety standards for the migration of lead into food. In 1984, the first major contract for mass-produced items was received and the first trademark patented.

Only two years later, Williams Sonoma, the most qualified retailer with over 100 outlets in the US, introduces the Ruffoni products in its assortment contributing to brand recognition beyond national borders.

Innovation of materials coupled with traditional shapes and manufacturing processes characterize the company, that already in 1994 had among its clients the finest stores in over 50 countries and began producing the first lines in multilayer materials with a traditional hammering.
The time for such innovation hadn’t come, however, and these lines were soon discontinued.

In 2008 Walter (Fremide’s son) meets Stanley Cheng, founder and CEO of Meyer Group. Stanley was fascinated by the history, finishes, and art of Ruffoni products, while Walter valued the possibility of employing new materials and new technologies. It was ‘’love at first sight” and soon the collaboration began. The multilayer lines were re-launched with even more exclusive finishes and this time they found a place of honour in prestigious stores and on the tables of the best restaurants.

In 2016 thanks to passion, vision and innovation the Ruffoni Collections continue to be enriched and the Private Collection is opened, where history and tradition become culture and future.


The original spaces where Ruffoni was founded were maintained and renovated to preserve its original ambience becoming the secret centerpiece of the Company.
The first belt machines were recovered as well as molds, crucibles, historical tools and prototypes made by Antonio, Fremide and their collaborators and friends. Together with a large collection resulting from years of research and dedication, these now form the “Private Ruffoni Collection”, consisting of over 2,000 unique artefacts and developed on an area of over 350 square meters.
The perfect environments evoke provincial lives of past times, transporting us from old kitchens to famous restaurants, from rustic wineries to mountain pastures and doing so revive the value of calmness as well as the love and passion for simple but special things.
Far from having become just a shrine to the past, the Ruffoni Collection is a constant source of study and inspiration, a magical space where one can grasp the true scent of copper and understand how precious these artefacts are, worked with effort, skill and craft by our coppersmiths and by their predecessors. An emotional journey that starts from our traditions to reach the world’s cultures.