Hammered stainless-steel cookware: unique pots and pans that derive their dramatic appearance from expert handwork and their supreme functionality from an exclusive bonded-metal construction. The Opus Prima 3 mm. thickness aluminium alloy rolled between an easy-clean stainless-steel exterior and interior layers provide the best cooking efficiency. These Works of Art are finished with stainless steel handles adorned with leaves and hand sculpted knobs crafted in the shape of various vegetables. For the best cooking performance, stunning presentation at the table and easy cleaning and care. These items are suitable for all hob tops -including induction- and dishwasher safe.

A20 - Saucepan


B24 - Chef's pan


C26 - Sauté pan


D26 - Stockpot


E30 - Braiser


F30 - Gratin


G20 - Soup pot


H26 - Braiser


L16 - Small saucepan (carrot – pepper)


M26 - Frying pan without lid


mon - Monogram – 2 letters tooling


R16 - Small casserole (carrot – pepper)


Z06 - Set 6 pieces: H 26 - G 20 - L 16 -


Z07 - Set 7 pieces: D 26 - E 30 - M 26 - B 24



Items with code ending with LE are produced upon specific customer request, can be made with non-standard finishes and prices may change accordingly. Minimum order quantity may be required and special discount may be applicable accordingly. Production is subject to minimum production lot. Items are subject to limited availability. Please contact us at any time for current availabilities and prices.

OP01LE - Bowl Pan


OP02LE - Bowl Sauté Pan


OP03LE - Rectangular Roaster w/Glass Lid


OP04LE - Chef Casserole


OP05LE - Sauté Pan


OP06LE - Sauté Pot


OP07LE - Butter Warmer