The new pleasure of cooking that matches the style of both professional and household cooks in every day cuisine and special occasion. The perfect and uniform distribution of heat of this product is ensured by the 3 mm. thick aluminium core rolled between two high-quality stainless steel layers, which provides the ideal cooking surface and an easy cleaning. Beautiful cast stainless steel handles are dual riveted and signed with exquisite stamped copper details. A Ruffoni unique style range suitable for all hob tops - including induction - and dishwasher safe.

SA20 - Saucepan


SB24 - Chef ‘s pan


SC26 - Sauté pan


SD26 - Stockpot


SE30 - Braiser


SG20 - Soup pot


SH26 - Braiser 5 l


SL16 - Small saucepan


SM26 - Frying pan without lid


SR16 - Small casserole


SY7 - Set 7 pieces: SH26 - SG20 - SL16 - SM26


SZ06 - Set 6 pieces: SH26 - SG20 - SL16


SZ07 - Set 7 pieces: SD26 - SE30 - SM26 - SB24