With a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern materials, Symphonia Cupra is the ultimate hybrid cookware, combining the beauty and the heat conductivity of the hammered-copper exterior, as requested from professional chefs, with the ease of cleaning and durability of stainless-steel interiors. Beautiful cast stainless steel handles are dual riveted and signed with exquisite stamped copper details. Hammered in the Italian Alps, Symphonia Cupra is perfect for a stove to table presentation and is suitable for oven, gas, ceramic and electric hobs.

SCA20 - Saucepan


SCB24 - Chef s pan


SCD26 - Stockpot


SCE30 - Braiser


SCG20 - Soup pot


SCH26 - Braiser 5 l


SCL16 - Small saucepan


SCM26 - Frying pan without lid


SCR16 - Small casserole


SCY7 - Set 7 pieces: SCH26 - SCG20 - SCL16 - SCM26


SCZ06 - Set 6 pieces: SCH26 - SCG20 - SCL16


SCZ07 - Set 7 pieces: SCD26 - SCE30 - SCM26 - SCQ24