We suggest, as with most pots and pans, that you first use by bringing water to the boil adding some aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage or bayleaf or alternatively, some green vegetables. In order to maintain the durability of the tin-lining, always fill the pot or a pan with liquid or fat before putting directly over the flame or heat source.

The flame must never be too high and never let the pan boil or go dry.

You are advised to stir or mix with a wooden or plastic spoon or spatula rather than metal, so as not to scratch the tin-lining. Because copper is highly conductive, it is unlikely that food will stick to the bottom, so it should be enough to clean in warm soapy water.

Never use abrasive substances.

If the inside of the pot or pan does get burnt (due to inattention or some error in cooking) immerse in warm, soapy water and leave to soak until the mark will come away easily. Eventual staining or marks on the tin-lining, caused by high temperatures or food acids will in no way harm the functionality and hygiene of the product.


Rub briskly with a soft cotton cloth for copper polishing, found in special stores, in order to bring back the original shine to copper that has not been used for a while.

With regular use and in time, copper oxidises and gradually takes on an allover dark red colour that the discerning customer appreciates and maintains.

To bring out its original brilliance, use a traditional method: rub with a cloth dampened in a salt and vinegar or salt and lemon solution; or simply use some "RUFFONI CLEANER " an effective metal shining powder with an atoxic and biodegradable formula.

These few rules that will soon become habit, will guarantee the perfect maintenance of your splendid pots and pans for a very long time, ensuring for you, the most fascinating and gratifying values of culture and palate. Our "Client Assistance" service can offer relining of your copper pots and pans, should improper use spoil the tin at extremely contained costs.